First of all, I want to thank everyone for their patience regarding the publishing of the final results of the 2020 ServiceNow Salary Influence Survey. The folks who reached out to ask about it were very polite about it and I appreciate the support. There are a number of reasons for the delay in publishing and as someone who keeps private matters private, I debated extensively on how much to share. That said, I do feel that I owe the community an explantaion for my delay in delivering this commitment.

I started this adventure back in early September of last year. A few days later, my house was hit by Hurricane Sally. My roof and fence both had to be replaced due to the damage and we were without power for a week or so. For many on the coast to the south of us and those further in the county to the east, the damage was much worse and I am thankful my family was mostly just inconvenienced. In the process of helping some people clean up hurricane damage in the more rural areas, I had an anaphylactic reaction after getting attacked by yellow jacket and ended up getting rushed to the hospital. Since then I have had to adjust to a number of new allergies and health issues that have come up in the aftermath. Combined with the stress of supporting a number of pandemic relief efforts both through GlideFast and some pro-bono work in my spare time and adjusting to our newly mobile toddler, I simply was not in a place to push the survey analysis across the finish line. Ultimately, my wife and I decided to finish last year off with a move from Alabama to North Carolina in part to get a little more help and support from family.

The last couple months have been spent on a combination of settling into our new home and working on the salary survey results. The GlideFast team has been very suportive through all of this and gave me the time I needed. Life is getting back to a new normal and I am glad to finally finish and publish the results and move forward.

Hopefully the results are well received and in line with what the community hoped for. Many of the findings are fairly common sense despite the immense effort to uncover them. I expected to find more examples of niche skills or product areas on the platform that were in high demand with high value. I had hoped to find something of value or interest, some plan of action folks could use to increase their pay. Mostly what I found was a carefully constructed randomness inside a container of demographics. The results are disappointing to me to say the least. Hopefully future surveys can uncover useful details that this survey overlooked but for now, hopefully this will generate some conversation around the various pay gaps confirmed by the results and maybe even bring about some change. My hope is that at the very least these results may empower someone to improve their own situation. If there is anything I can do to help with that, just reach out and let me know.

One last thing: as agreed, all source data and intermediate documents have now been deleted. This published document is the only remaining data regarding the salary survey.