About CodeCreative


A better life through opportunity in the tech industry for all who desire it


Empowering people to develop creative business solutions on ServiceNow by making knowledge accessible, inspiring, and relatable


  1. Serve first
  2. Love people
  3. Be transparent
  4. Value learning over knowing
  5. Inspire others to the same

About Travis

Hi, I’m Travis Toulson and I started this whole CodeCreative thing. When I was transitioning from working in maintenance and production to IT, I faced a lot of challenges breaking in. Information was hard to find unless you already knew what to look for and people were generally unhelpful. I was often told that if I couldn’t figure “this or that” out then I should just give up. Because of this, it took me around 5 years just to learn to code and a few more years to cross into IT. When I was at rock bottom, I promised myself that if I made it, I would do everything I could to hold the door open for others.

Thanks to the ServiceNow Community, it’s members, and an amazing group of mentors and recruiters, I have been given an opportunity better than I ever imagined. Following through on my commitment, I use CodeCreative to share educational content to help people start and grow their careers on the ServiceNow platform.