Purpose: How to execute code conditionally if a matching record exists in ServiceNow

Use: Use this script in a Server Script to test if a record exists before deciding how the code should continue. This allows handling error cases when a record doesn’t exist, creation of expected records, or an alternate handling path depending on whether the record exists or not. The call to setLimit is extremely important to maintaining the best performance by telling the database to stop searching after finding one matching record.

// This example will execute different code depending on whether a User ID is active or not
var tableName = 'sys_user';
var user = new GlideRecord(tableName);
user.addQuery('user_id', 'tltoulson');
user.addQuery('active', true);
user.setLimit(1); // Very important for performance since we only care about one record

if (user.next()) {
    // Code to execute if a matching record exists
else {
    // Code to execute if a matching record does not exist