Purpose: How to create a Theme for a Portal Experience in ServiceNow UI Builder. A Theme defines CSS Custom Property values and assets that are used to configure the look and feel of a Portal Experience.

  1. Open Experience in UI Builder
  2. Click “Menu” next to Experience name and logo
  3. Click “Edit Experience Settings”
  4. Click “Branding and Theming”
  5. Click “Create a theme”
  6. Complete the form as follows:
    • Name: Any text
    • Description: Any text
    • Extends: Default
    • Active: True / Checked
  7. Click “Submit”
  8. Close current browser tab to return to the UI Builder browser tab
  9. Close and reopen the Experience Settings panel
  10. On “Branding and Theming” tab, select Theme created in step 6
  11. Click “Save all changes”